Last update April 2, 2020

Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains the treatment of the personal data that Parsedata collects and processes. Parsedata offers a data trust stack for its customers to anonymize, protect and conform to regulatory compliance their business data. As such, we also practice what we preach when it comes to the data that we collect from our own clients.

    All data at rest and in flight in our framework is signed and is encrypted end to end. That is from the data source to its final destination. A public-private encryption key is utilized to sign the key guaranteeing its source and encrypting it for the destination. The data that we collect ourselves from our own clients is divided originally into two categories of raw and processed. We do not buy or sell any data from a third party since we cannot guarantee the source. Any data that is shared with Parsedata, as part of its day to day activities, is collected from the original source and all private and personal data collect is minimized and anonymized. All business entities or legal trustees that wishes to understand the minutia of the framework are invited to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement in order to understand extent of care that Parsedata employs in our innovative data journey.

    In general, the data is divided into open and closed data with the closed segment further divided into privileged and totally closed data. Our Identity and access management for data works specifically on the privileged data along with the rules that covers access to the data. We do not keep any closed data and will reveal what we have in storage in the encrypted fashion to be decrypted and inspected by the data owner. We will also delete all collected data at the request of the owner for any data that the encryption key matches.

    We also operate our own business with the same care. The only difference is that we are both the source and the destination of the data. Where one department is the source of data acquisition and another the destination of the data use with data in all the intermediate steps in an encrypted fashion stored and transferred.

    We are hoping that this is the shortest data privacy that you will ever read, since our business is data privacy, security and integrity. If you have further questions please either write to or arrange an appointment for a 30 minutes chat by going to

    We hope to give you a rich digital experience when it comes to your data privacy and empower you in the process.